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Being an automotive technician is not your average 9-to-5. It's a passion, a lucrative career, a rewarding experience - and a fun job that pays well without a degree.

Strike the Perfect Balance

The automotive industry is making it easier for students and other career-seekers to find high-potential jobs without a degree. These are not your standard, boring desk jobs either—they will expand your technical ability, push your intellectual thinking, and engage your curiosity.

With vehicles rapidly changing, technicians are challenged daily to adapt to evolving technology and topics. Autonomous vehicles, collision avoidance, electrification, and mobility solutions are just a sample of what you'll see.

Take the leap. This career can change your life.

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Understand your path—learn more about getting started with the automotive industry's exciting jobs without a degree and how to boost your earnings fast.

apprentice: $28k - $35k

Earn a competitive salary from the start! Get paid to train in the shop, be introduced to cutting-edge technology, and train for the future.

main line technician: $40k - $70k

Become a main-line technician in 2 years. Receive raises quicker, work on the most innovative vehicles sooner, and gain more experience than your peers.

master technician: $54k - $84k

Become a master technician in 2 - 5 years. Gain respect by rising to the ranks of the industry's elite, and work exclusively on the most advanced jobs.

shop foreman: $73k - $111k

Manage the shop within your career. Control all facets of the service department, grow your team, and escalate your earnings to a six-figure salary.

4 Year

$10,000 avg. tuition (per year)

$30,000 avg. tuition (per year)

2 years to earn money

4 years to earn money

little to no debt

significant debt

guaranteed job placement

no guaranteed job placement

I’m looking for a career that 

Varied Work
Technicians face different challenges daily, keeping the job interesting and engaging
Innovative Technology
The automotive technician is highly technical and works with the most innovative technology
Geographic Freedom
With technicians in high demand nationally, you can move anywhere and still find work

Work for the 
industry's best

These OEMs are here to accelerate your career and invest in you. Make more money, receive stronger benefits and get access to industry-leading training.

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Tech is driving the future

You'll be on the frontlines of a rapidly-changing industry—the most exciting time to work on vehicles in the last century.

self-driving cars

You will see the newest trends in the industry—the number of autonomous vehicles is growing 16% annually, allowing technicians across the nation to engage with them regularly!

technological enhancements

You will focus on revolutionary trends—today's vehicles run on about 100 million lines of code. Complexity is only expected to grow with electrification and autonomous vehicles expanding.


You will engage with innovative applications—vehicles today access Apple Car Play, Spotify, Siri, and other tools, making entertainment systems as advanced and interactive as your phone.


You are at the forefront of a revolution—electric vehicles run on less than 40 moving parts, challenging the industry standard from the past century.

greener future

You can help save the Earth—new technology has reduced CO2 emissions by more than 6,000 pounds annually. Electric vehicles aren't just changing the industry; they are changing the world.

collision avoidance

You can help save lives—collision avoidance technology reduced the chance of fatality by 21% in 2018, and the rate is only projected to rise.

diagnostic software

You will leverage advanced technology—a single diagnostic tool can diagnose more than 25,000 vehicle systems and perform more than 11,000 electrical tests.

Drive your future

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