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No matter your age, you can get involved in the automotive industry. Programs are available nationally for automotive technician certification, and you can test drive your career as an automotive technician today.

While these specialists require certifications, you can join programs to try the career. We’re here to provide the resources to help determine the best path for you!

I want to be an automotive technician, and I'm a

After-School Activities
Sign up for after-school activities focusing on technology, computer diagnostics, cars or hands-on learning
Class Selection
Focus on getting good grades in math and reading, and choose electives such as computer science or shop class
Dealership Shadowing
Many dealerships will allow middle school students to shadow technicians for a day—reach out to your local dealers!

Options for

See which avenue is best for you.

For-Profit School
Earn your certification as an automotive technician quickly - it typically takes around a year to complete! Start your career quicker and boost your earnings earlier.
Manufacturer Programs
Start earning your while you’re still in high school. Work in a brand-specific program and make money right after graduation!
Community Colleges
Complete your degree in two years for a lower cost. Earn money faster than your peers and gain job experience sooner.

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