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Why an OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are industry leaders who focus on producing the next generation of automotive vehicles. These are the groups you read about in the paper—building autonomous vehicles, reducing greenhouse emissions, and changing the world.

There are numerous benefits to automotive OEM careers: higher pay and better benefits, access to the newest technology, sponsored training, and of course, getting to work on your favorite cars.


of working for the best in the business

Higher pay

Because of their size, OEMs are able to offer your the best rates in the industry: $20k higher pay than the national average, health and retirement benefits, as well as sponsored training programs.

Brand name

Get the recognition you deserve by working for the world-renowned brand you love. Choose your favorite brand and work on the cars you love every day!

Geographic freedom

Freedom! OEM brands are located throughout the US - you could move anywhere in the country without ever leaving your brand or re-training.

Career development

Move up the chain - OEMs are massive organizations, providing you the opportunity grow fast. Move up within the dealership or transition to another role within the company.

Cutting edge technology

Work on the cars no one else can get their hands on. OEMs get access to new vehicles before anyone else - you'll have the fast pass to all the action!

Work for the
industry's best

These OEMs are here to accelerate your career and invest in you. Make more money, receive stronger benefits and get access to industry-leading training.

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