What It’s Like to be an Electric Vehicle (EV) Technician

With many initiatives in place to increase the number of EVs on the roads, programs that focus specifically on EV repair and maintenance are even more valuable!

By pursuing electric vehicle technical training, a technician can set themselves apart from most technicians as specialists in the field.

Current models project that around 20% of vehicles on the road by 2030 will be alternative fuel vehicles. Not only does this mean a greater need for automotive technicians, but this also means a need for such technicians to have high-tech knowledge and experience.

Becoming a trained electric vehicle technician comes with a lot of benefits—salary included! As the number of EVs on the road grows, EV technicians will continue to be highly valued by dealerships. A competitive salary paired with a wide range of specialties – such as high-voltage or hybrid EVs – makes for a more interesting, dynamic work environment.

Though ICE vehicles still represent most cars on the road today, many organizations and car manufacturers recognize the need to invest in environmentally friendly scientific advancements. This includes investment into EV technician training programs, as the presence of electric vehicles is only expected to increase. With competitive salaries, opportunities for career growth, and the chance to practice a wide variety of hands-on work, becoming a certified electric vehicle technician has never been more important.

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