Why an Automotive Apprenticeship Might be Right for You

So you decide to become an automotive technician. Fantastic! You have to complete a certificate or associate degree program, but what comes next? Most dealerships and independent repair shops want their new hires to have SOME experience, which is where an apprenticeship comes in!

An automotive apprenticeship allows prospective technicians to learn on the job!

Apprentices will observe professional technicians, learning the ins and outs of vehicle repair and maintenance. Unlike other apprenticeships, automotive apprentices immediately participate in hands-on, real world mechanical problem solving.  

Not only do apprentices immediately get to apply their learned technical skills, but they also jumpstart their career by gaining impactful, applicable experience. By exhibiting a strong work ethic and willingness to take on any project – big OR small – that comes their way, an apprentice can position themselves nicely to have a full-time job opportunity upon completing their training. 

Two of the most important components to becoming an automotive technician’s apprentice is to be able to participate in hands-on work, as well as have some existing knowledge – likely from a certificate or associate degree program – of automotive technology. Beyond these expectations, as long as an apprentice has a passion for automotive technology and an interest to observe and learn, an apprenticeship can be a life-changing experience!

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