3 Reasons Why You Should Be an Automotive Technician 

With rapidly changing technology and the emerging need for new skillsets, becoming an automotive technician has never been more exciting. In today’s world, being a technician means so much more than just hands-on mechanic work—it means working with computers, customers and solving complex technical problems!  

Here are three reasons why it’s an ideal time to become an automotive technician. 

Reason #1: New Technologies Means A Need For New Skills 
On a state and national level, new policies are encouraging the production and sale of electric vehicles, with the goal of increasing climate-conscious transportation. For example, California has proposed a plan of selling only zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) by the year 2045. These vehicles require a new class of automotive technicians who have an interest in computer-focused problem solving. While most cars are still traditional, internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, even ICE cars have become incredibly high-tech, utilizing features such as telematics and lane assistance technology. New technicians must be trained to work on a range of vehicles and technologies, practicing both traditional hands-on work while developing programming and electrical skills!

Reason #2: More Educational and Professional Growth Opportunities Than Ever 

There are a range of programs that prospective technicians can join, from manufacturer-specific tracks to one- to two-year programs that teach both traditional and EV technical skills. Some programs even have additional, optional training tracks which allow for students to learn more about concentrations within the technician field. There are a ton of industry specific scholarships, for people from any background. These scholarship initiatives lower the barriers to access training programs, giving everyone the opportunity to learn.

Reason #3: High Demand for New Technicians 

With current demand exceeding the supply of available technicians, receiving technician training is more valuable than ever. To encourage more prospective technicians to enter the industry, some dealerships are even offering new technicians’ bonuses upon completing training programs and beginning full-time work! Given the demand of the technician career, a newly trained tech can live virtually anywhere and find a job. As the need for technicians continues to grow, technicians can feel confident they will find a well-paying job, wherever they go!

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