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ASE offers certification tests that technicians can take on nearly every topic within the automotive industry! While these certifications can be a huge benefit to technicians, they can be hard to navigate for those just starting their careers. Scroll down to learn more about what ASE is, and how it might benefit you!


ASE is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE's main focus is to improve automotive repair quality by offering certifications across the automotive service industry. ASE offers optional certification tests technicians can complete. While these certifications aren't mandatory, they do benefit technicians who complete them.


As the nature of ASE is to provide optional certifications, technicians can choose which areas of the business to focus on. Technicians can focus on general automotive certifications, or become specialists in highly technical areas such as damage analysis or alternative fuel vehicles.


    ASE certifications are for technicians who already have some hands-on experience. While requirements vary for each certification, all require some hands-on work as a technician. If you are interested in learning how to become a technician without any prior experience, visit our How page to learn more about what educational requirements are required.


    ASE certification tests are held across the US, in nearly 450 proctored locations! Technicians let the test proctors know which certifications they are looking to complete and schedule a time for the test at their desired location.


    While most dealerships do not require technicians to have ASE certifications, they are encouraged. ASE certifications are highly regarded in the automotive industry, and customers will look for stores with ASE-certified technicians.

    Due to the high demand, there are multiple benefits to completing ASE certification, including higher pay for each completed certification and quicker advancement/promotions at the dealership!

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