3 Things Auto Technicians Need to Know

Considering a career as an auto technician? Here's what you need to know.

Technology is swiftly changing what it means to be an auto technician.

Today’s average vehicle runs on 100 million lines of code. That’s 100 times more code than it took for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon! Modern cars have become giant computers, and they will continue to become more technologically advanced as electric vehicles revolutionize the automotive industry. Gone are the days of a mechanic fixing an engine with a wrench. Not only do electric vehicles not HAVE an engine, but they only have about 40 moving parts!

As an auto technician, you may not ONLY work on electric or tech-forward cars, but you will need a few key skills—and an understanding of these three important things.

THING TO KNOW #1: Digital skills are a must.

Auto technicians must understand diagnostics and fix software issues in cars. A single diagnostic tool can diagnose more than 25,000 vehicle systems and perform 11,000 electrical tests. Automotive technicians need to be comfortable with this technology and easily adapt to new technology that is coming.

THING TO KNOW #2: More brands will offer EV training.

With most brands releasing electric models in the coming years, automotive technicians will be trained specifically on electric vehicles. With electric vehicles being so new, auto technicians will be trained at the forefront of new technology and get a front row seat to the electric revolution.

THING TO KNOW #3: Auto technician demand will continue to grow.

With the auto industry advancing quickly and demanding digitally savvy, high-tech workers, auto technicians with these skills will continue to be in high demand nationwide. Yes, all cars need service, but not everyone will be able to work on them. Technicians with software and technology experience will be the most highly sought after, allowing you to move anywhere and still have job security, the promise of a good salary and benefits, and the satisfaction of knowing you've chosen a rewarding career.

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